Saturday, September 4, 2010

contest vaseline

Show us some (amazing) skin.

Marilyn Monroe used to say that "diamonds are a girl’s best friend". And while no one in their right mind can deny the beauty of a huge sparkly rock, even the most brilliant diamond would lose its luster if worn on a hand looking worse for the wear. A lot of us are familiar with the basic three-step skincare for the face – cleanser, toner, and most importantly moisturiser, but we often neglect moisturizer for the skin on the rest of our bodies.

If you’ve been neglecting your skin lately, Vaseline is on a mission to change that. The expert skincare brand just launched its Amazing Skin campaign which seeks to empower women to love and appreciate their skin, not just the face but the entire body by giving it the care and nourishment it deserves. Along with that, Vaseline also unveiled its new body lotion range catering to different skin needs, with variants like Total Moisture, Healthy White, Intensive Rescue, and Aloe Cool and Fresh. The best part? Vaseline is having a contest especially for you Nuffnangers so that you can all celebrate YOUR amazing skin!

I love contests; tell me more!

In the spirit of celebrating skin and moisture, tell us " Are You Moist Enough? "and you could win invites to the Celebration of Amazing Skin by Vaseline poolside party, exclusively for Nuffnangers! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Head on over to the ‘Submit’ tab, and upload a photo of yourself with your skin.
  2. Download the image complete with the Vaseline logo, and include it in your blog post entry.
  3. Write a blog post with title "Are You Moist Enough? "; We’ll leave it entirely up to you to tell us how, and if, you’re moist enough – impress us with your imagination ;)
  4. Submit your permalink to this site, and the picture uploaded will be visible on the ‘Gallery’ tab after approval.

The 75 best written blog posts will win a pair of invites to the poolside party, and that’s not the only thing you stand to win. Check out the list of goodies up for grabs:

Best Written Blog Posts
1st Prize - RM3,000 cash + Vaseline products
2nd Prize - RM2,000 cash + Vaseline products
3rd Prize - RM1,000 cash + Vaseline products
5x Consolation Prizes - RM200 cash + Vaseline products

During the party itself, there’ll be prizes for games and lucky draws too! And make sure you get some help from Vaseline moisturizers to look absolutely glowing, because the female blogger with "The Most Vibrant Skin" will win a Coach Handbag worth RM2,000!

There’s no better way we’d rather share this celebration of amazing skin with you Nuffnangers – it’ll truly be an elegant affair to remember. Picture this: A stunning view of the setting sun by the gorgeous poolside of the Luna Bar, with local jazz artiste Yuna serenading us all and a stand-up routine by the dashing comedian, Kuah Jenhan. Finally, celebrity host Jojo Struys will also be there, so mark your calendars and don’t miss out on this party!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Tol Percuma, Diskaun Sehingga 20 Peratus 31 Ogos

GEMAS: Sempena ulang tahun ke-53 kemerdekaan negara, empat syarikat konsesi lebuh raya negara bersetuju memberi diskaun 20 peratus manakala sebuah lagi syarikat konsesi iaitu Lingkaran Transkota Sdn Bhd (LITRAK), memberi laluan tol percuma kepada pengguna Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP). Menteri Kerja Raya Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor berkata tol percuma untuk penggunaLDP akan bermula dari jam 12.01 pagi 31 Ogos sehingga tengah malam hari kemerdekaan.

Beliau berkata tol percuma ini diberi kepada semua jenis kenderaan termasuk kenderaan perdagangan seperti teksi, bas dan lori.

Sebanyak 450,000 kenderaan yang menggunakan LDP bakal menikmati pemberian tol percuma itu, katanya kepada pemberita di majlis berbuka puasa dan penyampaian bantuan Ramadan Parlimen Tampin dan Umno Bahagian Tampin di Kampung Bangkahulu, Gemas Sabtu.

"Ini merupakan julung kali sebuah syarikat konsesi memberi tol percuma kepada rakyat negara ini dan langkah ini diharap menjadi ikutan syarikat-syarikat konsesi yang lain," kata Shaziman.

Sementara itu, tiga syarikat konsesi lain iaitu Plus Expressway Berhad (Lebuhraya Utara Selatan dan Lebuhraya Seremban-Port Dickson), Linkedua Sdn Bhd (Johor Baharu ke Singapura) serta Elite Sdn Bhd (Lebuhraya Utara Selatan Hubungan Tengah) bersetuju memberi diskaun 20 peratus pada 31 Ogos dan 1 September ini.

Kata Shaziman, pemberian diskaun tol itu hanya untuk pengguna lebuh raya kelas pertama sahaja (kereta persendirian).

Diskaun 20 peratus itu hanya akan diberi kepada pengguna yang melalui lebuh raya berkenaan dari jam 12 tengah malam hingga 7 pagi pada 31 Ogos dan 1 September.

"Hari siang iaitu dari jam 7 pagi hingga 12 tengah malam tidak akan ada diskaun," katanya.

Diskaun itu bersifat 10+10 peratus kerana pengguna lebuh raya berkenaan sudah sedia menikmati diskaun sebanyak 10 peratus jika melalui lebuh raya itu pada tengah malam.

Katanya bagaimanapun di lebuhraya Linkedua yang menghubungkan Johor dan Singapura, diskaun itu tidak akan dinikmati oleh pengguna lebuh raya yang memasuki Tol Tanjung Kupang.

Ketika ditanya sebab masih ada syarikat yang tidak memberi diskaun, beliau menjawab: "Ini baru langkah pertama, kita tidak boleh memaksa mereka. Lama kelamaan syarikat lain akan mengikuti jejak langkah yang diambil oleh keempat-empat syarikat ini."

Beliau berkata langkah itu juga merupakan salah satu cara untuk syarikat-syarikat konsesi menunjukkan sokongan mereka kepada rakyat Malaysia selepas mendapat banyak keuntungan daripada perjalanan yang dibuat oleh mereka.

"Kita berharap diskaun yang sama akan diberi semasa cuti perayaan pada Aidilfitri, Deepavali, Krismas dan Tahun Baru Cina," katanya. - BERNAMA