Tuesday, June 15, 2010

aku nk try buat yg neh

  • Cut approximatly 12-14 inches of ribbon. Use a longer piece for a larger rose.

  • Step 2

    Begin by folding one 90 degree corner on the ribbon.

  • Step 3

    Moving clockwise, fold another corner adjacent to the first one.

  • Step 4

    Add two more folds, mirroring the first two steps, until a square shape is formed by the ribbon. (the folds form 4 corners.) Keep a small hole in the middle of the folds as you go, as shown.

  • Step 5

    While holding your other folds in place with one hand, begin the folding sequence again. You will be making another layer of folds- (identical to and directly on top of the other folds.)

  • Step 6

    Repeat the above steps, making four folds per layer, until about 3 inches is left of the ribbon.

  • Step 7

    Begin twisting the remaining 'unfolded' tail.

  • Step 8

    Push the end of the twisted tail through the hole formed in the middle of the folds. Don't be afraid to push through the hole with your finger first to 'find' it if you need too!

  • Step 9

    Now begin twisting the tail into a spiral-like pattern, also clock-wise. The twisting motion will begin to 'grab' the top folded layer, and you will soon be able to see the rose pattern form. Continue twisting, carefully holding the uninvolved layers until ready to include them in the twisting motion.

  • Step 10

    Once all of your folds have been incorporated into the twisting motion, use a twist-tie to temporarily hold your creation in place. Feel free to experiment with the look or shape of the rose. Remember, if you "goof it up", you can start over again with the same ribbon!

  • Step 11

    At this time, you may want to secure your rose near the 'stem' and other various areas to make sure it stays together. I think a hot glue gun works best. Use small dots of glue under, between, and at the base of several petals to secure.

  • Step 12

    Now you can make more roses, and use them in any creative way you wish!
    Thanks for reading, good luck and have fun! :)

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